15 Silly bits of Questioning

• Should trespassers be welcomed because there is money to be had in a good prosecution?
• How long do you have to stand in one place before it is considered loitering?
• Is it more logical to put a “No Entry” sign no a wall instead of on a door?
• If I do not apply for the vacancy how will the employers know if I am a timewaster or not?
• Similarly, if I have all the credentials for the position, but occasionally enjoy laughing, will I still be considered as a serious applicant?
• If water is transparent, why do clothes look darker when they are wet?
• If the earth still exists in a couple of billion years, and every creature continues to evolve, eventually will there be only one type of ultimate life form on the planet?
• Where does the white go when snow melts?
• Why do people pretend marmalade tastes nicer than jam?
• Do astronauts use sunscreen when they are in outer space and closer to the sun?
• Is phlegm evil?
• Do female actors really feel offended if you call them actresses?
• If vegetables are so good for you why is there vegetable fat?
• Do bats fly when it is raining?
• The population of the earth is roughly seven billion people. If horoscopes are to be taken seriously does that mean 12% (or approx. 583 million people) of the earth’s population born between April 21st and May 21st , will meet somebody new today and have an exciting opportunity waiting for them when they least expect it? Or am I being silly?


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