It can be a little sad to see them grow

They are starting to grow and I am so, so proud of them
With every little achievement they succeed, they are blooming.
But a selfish part of me silently cries
Because I am becoming less and less needed in their eyes.
They no longer need me to push them on the swings,
Or warn them not to pick up dirty and stinky things.
They can wash themselves and brush their own hair
And decide for themselves what clothing they ought to ware.
They have mastered Velcro and zips, buttons and laces
But sometimes they need reminding to wipe their faces.
They can open the fridge and help themselves to a snack
And are sneaky enough to swipe extra cookies behind my back.
They are growing quickly and will definitely be
Taller and stronger and smarter than me.
I pray for their happiness, their health and their safety
No matter what happens they’ll always be my babies.
I do and will always love them, come what may
And I hope they will know I do each and every day.


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