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the weave our hearts sew

Her hand rests snug in mine

synchronized fingers slip

into perfect symmetry

of interlocking flesh and bone.

Lightly knuckles fold

an affectionate clamp.

Tips softly caress then settle,

thumbs overlap

crux over hinge.

Her delicate palm,

tender smooth,

lays engulfed upon

my cold slab

weathered, welted, rough worn.

My hand feels older than I

as it guiltily draws warmth

through the touch of her cushioned skin.

The difference balances

as both blend as one

joining in simple physical unity;

the weave our hearts sew.

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Different roads

The sweep of road,

a gradient line

seldom walked.

The stretch of a mile.

Few cars hug the rising bend

in the morning;

by evening

they descend.

And in between the bulk of day

scarce are the travellers

passing that way.

It is there I found myself

sauntering with time to kill,


upon the wood speckled hill.

A dangling limb of weathered spruce

I snapped off and put to good use.

A gentry gentleman ambling

through his claim

with stick in hand,

a worthy cane.

While not a sinner,

but I,

did walk.

Nor other voice sound,

but chirp and whistle

of birdish talk.

For awhile it belonged

just to me

the hill,

the road,

the birds,

the trees.

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There is one here for you (free book)

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sister brother

Hindsight’s the sister of regret
“What ifs” tease attempts to forget.
Random objects mirror moments of reflection
Dejection’s the brother of rejection.

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The perfect someone does exist
it’s our standards that are flawed

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shadow tears

Wilting shadows weep for the company of night

lacking comprehension they only exist where there’s light

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