Let shadows be shadows

For all those who work for the good of scientific advancement
Be it medical, technological or environmental
There are others who claim it is their right to unravel
Any particle that hints of something magical
Can we not hold on to marvel, astonishment, love and aspirations
Or will we always be subjected to their will of research and investigation?
They are bleaching life of its mystery
Mocking wonderment as a child of naivety
They pillage secrets to examine and analyse
Already, they have stolen the beauty of a rainbow
with explanations of atmospheric moisture reflecting the sun’s glow
They dissect, experiment and strive to replicate
The incandescence of the universe in its first spark of a primitive state
They legitimise their reasons under the banner of knowledge
But neglect to recognise the significance of wisdom and morals.
They can pinpoint emotions to electrical discharges of the limbic system
Stripping back basic kindness to the release of endorphins.
But I would rather simply enjoy the sweet fragrance of a carnation
without somebody scrutinising aspects of olfactory senses from the time of creation.
Do we really need to know the intestinal reactions of a slug in an earthquake,
Or the mathematical formula of orange jelly when it is shaking,
Or when you can map the symmetry of a pentagon to facial alignments; in theory its perfection,
Or know the wavelength and frequency of a house-wren’s mating song?
Am I the only one who thinks some things should be allowed their secrecy?
Please do not analyse my thoughts to a sporadic episode in my history.


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2 Responses to Let shadows be shadows

  1. Penlateral says:

    Ah shucks and thank you for not saying Keats. I love science in general, but it depends on what is being researched and why. It’s true beauty does not diminish with knowledge, but the wonderment and mystery gets stripped away. Let’s say once a trick is revealed it loses its pleasure.

  2. magicpoet01 says:

    You are such a Romantic Poet at times. I mean very William Blake-like!
    Science is wonderful in my opinion and knowing hows, whys etc never diminishes beauty…

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