Three quick ones

(The problem with eavesdropping)
We get annoyed when our neighbour’s scream, fight and shout
We get frustrated when we can’t clearly hear what it’s all about

(Tempting faith)
Black leggings stretched beyond design
Snooze button pressed for the third time
Cracking open another bottle of wine
Calling double or nothing while flicking a coin

(Mr Right)
she was looking for Mr. Right
But ended up with Mr. Alright
She left him because it didn’t feel right
There’s no pleasing some people, Right!


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2 Responses to Three quick ones

    • Penlateral says:

      I honestly had no idea you wrote a poem re-Mr right. Yours is definitely better, mine was just a scribble. Thanks for the link to the blog. I have to say your latest two poems in Magicpoet01 have been very moving and come across as very personal things. In them you have done what I would love to do- (Style wise)- created powerful, thought provoking and affectionate poetry using very simple and tender words. Thank you so much for sharing them.

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