The bitter taste of Victory

The bitter taste of Victory.
Throughout my life I have been plagued by random strangers who feel it is not only their right and obligation, but also their duty to approach me and air their grievances. I have often fallen victim to assailants determined on blaming and harassing me over events of which I am completely bewildered. The most recent occurred earlier today. I thought I would share it with you.
I was minding my own business when this gentleman (and I use the term loosely) demanded, not asked but demanded, in an arrogant manner that I stop singing.
The audacity of him accusing me of an activity I was innocent of.
Countering his tone, I pointed out to him with all the grandeur I could summons that he was ignorant of the facts. ‘I was not singing,’ I snapped. ‘If you had any formal education, what so ever, you sir would have realised the term you should have used was yodeling.’
Though I may be considered amateurish at peak performance, us yodelites, as we like to be referred, are a proud society.
I turned from the crestfallen attacker while a subtle victorious guffaw escaped me as I walked away.
However, the more I considered the whole confrontation, the bitterer I have become. Indeed, I fear it has gotten to the point were I may never return to that library again.


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2 Responses to The bitter taste of Victory

  1. jebjork says:

    What a great story 🙂

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